Signals & Communication

Nanhua also manufactures a extended portfolio of warning signals and communication devices. Based on state-of-art technology combined with weatherproof design and installation simplicity, you will be able to provide your installations with the most modern safety indication equipment.

Product Catalogue

AL110U Outdoor Siren & Revolving Light

Especially designed for all kinds of hoisting machinery (tyred stacking cranes, crawler cranes, overhead traveling cranes, etc.), harbour machinery (gantry cranes, bridge cranes, etc.), Production plants (electro technical box ), metallurgies, chemical industry, coalmines, marine, On & Offshore etc.

ABC-7L Obstruction Light

The ABC-7L Weatherproof Obstruction Light is specially designed for a wide variety of cranes used in harbours, metallurgies, mines, lighthouses and tall buildings.

LS122A Signal Indicator

The LS122A Signal Indicator  is especially designed for signal indication on electrical equipment.

ABC-16 LED Fault Indicator

The ABC-16 LED Fault Indicator is specially designed for sling on various cranes.