Our services

Our services include a.o. exact measurement on location, designing light plan, advising on your project and support during installation.

Technical Advise

NANHUA-Europe is able to provide you with the best technical advise for your specific project. Our engineers are fully educated and bring along years of experience. When visiting your location, they will discuss and measure your current situation at hand and advise the proper solution.

Result design

A picture says more than a thousand words. Therefore, NANHUA-Europe will simulate your project in advanced software and discuss these results with your engineers, before making the start of your project final. These results include both technical as economical advantages when installing the NANHUA-Europe’s LED lighting!

More than just delivering boxes…

Because NANHUA-Europe is an euro HÜBNER benelux b.v. brand, the expertise and services of euro HÜBNER benelux b.v. go hand-in-hand with NANHUA-Europe. This means that you are able to rely on a high technical know-how, support during and after your project & technical (after)service – also on your location!

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