LW460 Walkway Light

The LW460 Walklight is designed for the lighting system of cabin rooms and walkways of large-scale port cranes (RTG, RMG, QC, STS), and ceiling and passages of marine vessels. It is is also perfect for application in heavy duty industries such as Marine & Offshore, steel and mining.


The armatures are equipped with a 5mm tempered glass diffuser with frosted finishing process to prevent the glaring. The LW460 Walkway lights have a very high energy efficiency (up to >100 lm/w), are available with a >120° optics and 3000K color temperature.

With a proven track record of over 18 years of experience worldwide, state-of-art advanced technology, long life span (> 50.000 operating hours) and a shock and vibration proof design; NANHUA-EUROPE has a leading role being a dedicated supplier for small and big global companies, operating in many industrial sectors.

DOWNLOAD the datasheet of the LW460 Walkway Light.
(PDF, 384 kB)

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