LF70E Series

The LF70E flood light armature is especially designed for flood lighting systems for port terminals, mines, squares, container yard, stadiums and warehouse.


The armatures provide reliable and uniform area lighting ranging from 250W to 1500W HST replacement. The stainless mounting bracket offers you strength and environmental protection, robust angle bolt adjustment optimize the target illumination. The coated aluminium body is resistant to harsh conditions and the anti-drop chain improves the operational safety when installed. With the ordering key on page 2 of the datasheet, you can compile your own armature specially carried out for your purpose.

There are five lumen packages available providing up to 67,200lumens. The long LEDs life means that drivers aren’t frequently inconvenienced by maintenance-related lane or area closures. Naturally, NANHUA-EUROPE is of your assistance for composing your unique armature.

DOWNLOAD the datasheet of the LF70E series.
(PDF, 647 kB)

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