LF23 ECO Flood Light

The 300W LF23 ECO Flood Light is designed for the lighting system of production halls, outside areas and architecture.


The armatures are equipped with an adjustable mounting bracket and a junction box, convenient for onsite wire installation. The coated aluminium body is resistant to harsh conditions and the anti-drop chain improves the operational safety when installed.
The LF23XX ECO armatures have a very high energy efficiency (up to >100 lm/w), are available with 15°/25°/60° optics and 3000K or 5500K color temperature. With the ordering key on page 2 of the datasheet, you can compile your own armature specially carried out for your purpose. Naturally, NANHUA-EUROPE is of your assistance for composing your unique armature.

With a proven track record of over 18 years of experience worldwide, state-of-art advanced technology, long life span (> 50.000 operating hours) and a shock and vibration proof design; NANHUA-EUROPE has a leading role being a dedicated supplier for small and big global companies, operating in many industrial sectors.

DOWNLOAD the datasheet of the LF23XX series.
(PDF, 493 kB)

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