AL110U Outdoor Siren & Revolving Light

Especially designed for all kinds of hoisting machinery (tyred stacking cranes, crawler cranes, overhead traveling cranes, etc.), harbour machinery (gantry cranes, bridge cranes, etc.), Production plants (electro technical box ), metallurgies, chemical industry, coalmines, marine, On & Offshore etc.


DOWNLOAD the datasheet of the AL110U.
(PDF, 536 kB)

Technical Information  
Operating Voltage 24VAC/36VAC/110VAC/220VAC/380VAC +10% 
Frequency 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Tone A/B/E/D(16 kinds for optional)
Speaker Power 50W-75W
Color Red (Yellow optional)
Alarm Method Audio and visual alarm synchronous
Light Source Revolving Light
Sound Level Up to 115dB (volume adjustable)
Operating temperature -30˚C ~ +60˚C
Humidity 10% ~ 95% (No coagulation)
IP Code IP65
Material Aluminium, with polycarbonate light housing
Weight 8,0 kg

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