About us

NANHUA-Europe is the official distributor for Europe for the heavy duty LED Lighting of Nanhua Electronics; and is a market leading supplier for markets such as ports, crane-builders, offshore, marine and other heavy industries. 
NANHUA-Europe is an euro HÜBNER belenux b.v. brand, which means that you can expect the same high level of expertise and service from NANHUA-Europe.

With Nanhua-Europe LED lighting fixtures, you are able to reduce total cost of ownership and improve your lighting quality, safety, and reliability. Nanhua-Europe can supply floodlights from 100 to 400 watt, Explosion-proof floodlights 50 to 70 watt, and walk-way lights from 13 to 30 watt. Next to these standard solutions, Nanhua-Europe has specific models for specific needs.


With the LED Lights of NANHUA-Europe, you can rely on:

  • a proven track-record (over 18 years’ experience in heavy duty, marine, on- and offshore industries)
  • Vibration and shock proof armatures
  • Advanced lighting technology (10°, 25°,  60° floodlights, up to 400 watt)
  • High efficiency (up to >100 lm/w) of the armatures
  • Available 2700K to 6000K color temperatures
  • More than 50.000 hour’s lifespan

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