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  • Large stock available in our own warehouse
  • Improve lighting quality, safety and reliability
  • Energy efficient & durable
  • Long term maintenance-free

Nanhua-Europe is the official distributor of Nanhua Electronics CO., LTD for the European Heavy Duty and Industrial LED Lighting market. We are supplier for ports, crane-builders, on- & offshore, marine, aviation and also in other industries you can find our lights & signalling.

With the products from Nanhua, we are able to supply reliable and safe products. Since the establishment in 1990, Nanhua has paid a lot of attention to the people who work in the high-risk areas, just to understand the most practical needs in combination with signal, lighting and controlling technology. This resulted in the development of suitable and user-friendly products and solutions. Today, the Nanhua products and solutions have been successfully applied to industries such as terminals, mines, airports and energy. Nanhua will continue to adhere to the concept of reliability and safety, constantly explore the latest technology, and devote itself to developing new products to help customers solve problems and achieve customer value enhancement.

Because of this devotion in combination with the high quality products, we decided to found Nanhua-Europe. We are working together for several years now and many cranes, ports and areas are lighted by Nanhua lighting. Nanhua-Europe is a euro HÜBNER benelux B.V. brand, which means that you can expect from us the same high level service and rely on the expertise we have gathered over the years in the heavy duty, marine, on- and offshore industries.

We are located in Venlo, the Netherlands, where we also keep a large stock of the most requested products:




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